One small step for beer

How our first brew came to be.

Our very first Mountain Ale Brew was made at Alpine Ale Works in Gibbston, thanks to the generosity and help of our beer hero Phil Galbraith.

While many locals enjoy a big bot of the traditional Speights here, brewman Steve “had a hunch there’d be a market for a tasty pale ale. The recipe was unashamedly designed to be a people pleaser.

“I made sure the recipe was as friendly as possible to a wide audience,” says Steve. “It wasn’t to be too bitter, or too hoppy. But it still definitely had to be a pale ale.”

We tested the market with a launch at Bold Peak Lodge in 2018 and it was a hit, selling 3 kegs in one night.

“The other 5 kegs quickly sold over the next few weeks,” says Steve. “That was it, decision made, Glenorchy Brew Co was born.”

Steve is wholehearted in his praise for the support from Mr Galbraith, recognising the importance his guidance provided back in the early days.

“Quite simply, without Phil there would be no GBC,” he says. “He generously offered the use of his licences and equipment so I could “give it a go” to start with.”

For a look behind the scenes, here’s the process (and Phil himself) in action.